Help us “sockette” to
childhood tumours!


Here at FRANKiE4, we all agree on one thing, brain and spinal cord tumours are the absolute pits.


When children are affected, it makes us especially mad. Having a seriously sick child can bring a mother to her knees... and we aren’t ok with that!


We have developed a range of sockettes solely to raise funds for Brainchild Foundation.

Our goal is
to raise 50k for

by the 31st of
December 2018!

Supporting Brainchild


In 2015 we had a scare with our son Max. He was 4 at the time and he woke one morning with some uncommon eye issues. A number of very difficult weeks was spent between GP’s, Lady Cilento Hospital, optometrists and ophthalmologists. We were lucky, his brain scan came back normal, and the problems with his eyes resolved on their own.


Though this ordeal was short lived, it certainly changed me. I will never forget what it is like to feel as though there is less oxygen in the air, to feel helpless and desperate, and sick with worry for my child.


My husband and I only had to go through a fraction of what some parents have to go through, and for that reason we feel we have a responsibility to help parents and their seriously sick children.


I have developed a quality sockette range where all net proceeds are donated to Brainchild Foundation.


If you have purchased some of our socks - enjoy them! THANK YOU for supporting this cause that’s so close to my heart.


Caroline x

Caroline McCulloch, FRANKiE4 Designer, and her children.

We can promise you
this about our sockettes:


1. Great quality

2. Perfect ‘no show’ sockette

3. All net proceeds of sockette sales
go to Brainchild Foundation



Here’s how the proceeds
of your sock purchases help