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About Our Shoes

Functional Footbeds

The Functional Footbed is designed to provide women with the ultimate foot support by cradling the heel, supporting the arches and cushioning the sole.


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    BELiNDA, oh the stories we could tell. We walked all over Paris, we went up the Eiffel Tower, we even ventured into Rue Cambon 31 and stood on Coco’s mirrored staircase. I felt very much at home wearing you in a Parisian summer. All the French women were working their wedges back with […]


Enjoy the ‘Sweet Spot’ this spring racing season Gorgeous high heeled shoes and spring racing carnival go hand in hand but our feet generally don’t like us at the end of the day, let alone by the end of the week if you’re lucky enough to go to multiple events and here’s why! The foot […]

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