Podiatrist Profile - Anna Young


Anna Young

Anna Young has worked at All Podiatry & The Shoe Co. for over 5 years. This podiatry clinic is based at Indooroopilly in Brisbane, and sees hundreds of patients needing all sorts of podiatry care. Anna shares her views on podiatry, foot problems and what she loves about FRANKiE4. 

We’re huge fans of podiatrists, our designer is one! What was it that made you want to be a podiatrist?

I always wanted to work in health care and as a podiatrist you are able to help so many people of varying ages with all different foot problems. There are many areas of podiatry that you can branch into but I definitely love the footwear side because one of the biggest causes of injury and foot problems comes from wearing the wrong footwear!

What is your favourite part of being a podiatrist?

Every foot is different so there is a new challenge every time someone walks in the door. I enjoy treating paediatric patients and having involvement in their foot health so I can help prevent problems with their feet later in life.

What are the most common foot problems you see in your female patients?

Heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis) and bunions!  I see women with these problems on a daily basis. Unfortunately – our bodies were not designed to be standing on the hard timber and concrete floors that our homes and workplaces are made of. As a result all the joints and soft tissue in our feet experience extra strain which can result in pain and overuse. It’s sad to see how young some of the girls that have these problems are too!

What features of FRANKiE4 do you think could benefit your female patients?

The functional footbeds! They provide heel & arch support as well as entire foot cushioning which is definitely the best asset for my patients. Although this isn’t always enough for some ladies – that’s okay, as they have the orthotic friendly option which allows us to do even more with the shoes and improving foot function for our patients. (I also find the shoes really easy to work with in terms of fitting orthotics, which can be a HUGE challenge with most fashion shoes!) 

The custom fit option allows us to fit all different foot shapes and types, even when there are differences between the two feet! …oh and of course the fact that my patients actually love the style of shoes too really helps!  It is so hard to find fashion shoes that are good for your feet to recommend to patients. FRANKiE4 are always keeping up with the latest colours and styles. That’s why I love the shoes so much as you get all the benefits in one shoe – it also improves patient compliance as they love the shoes that are on their feet!

How did you like your FRANKiE4s?

I love my FRANKiE4 ELLiE shoes and wear them every day to work – and whenever I have to do lots of walking around! They are perfect for travel too – I couldn’t imagine wearing anything else! 

In three words describe what FRANKiE4 means to you? 

Comfort, style, support!  




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