Two clever creatives, our footwear designer Caroline McCulloch and artist Megan Grant, have joined forces to develop a
capsule range of footwear using Megan's well-known Palm patterns.


To celebrate the collection, FRANKiE4 will have the styles on display and available for pre-order
from 5th of October to attendees of our Sydney Pop Up.
The collaboration will officially launch online and in our concept stores early November.


The Collection

Introducing 'Palms', a stunning summer pattern, featured on three much loved FRANKiE4 styles.
These stunners are a limited once-off! Once they are gone, they’re gone!



NAT Palms

HiLARY Palms

NAT Palms White


The Making of 'Palms'


FRANKiE4 Designer, Caroline McCulloch, is an art lover and very familiar with Megan's work. She is the proud owner of one of Megan's pieces. The light bulb moment went off one day when admiring her work - this artwork must be enjoyed by others on our shoes!


"I love the way she uses colour," says Caroline. "Megan really knows how to pull a colour palette together, her designs feel upbeat, balanced and ooze a summer vibe. I could see it translating to our footwear really well, I wanted to share this with our customers."


An email was sent, a call was had, a friendship made and the dream had begun.


The two began the six-month creative process from opposite sides of the world, Megan in Melbourne and Caroline in Asia working closely with the leather supplier testing the different patterns and colours on skins. Lots of back and forth video calls with adjustments and testing were made until they were both aligned on the look, feel and quality... and the ‘Palms’ was brought to life!


"It was a fun process. Really the only challenge we had was to ensure the colour mix of Megan's designs aged well on the leather. Some of the brighter colour combinations we tried initially just wouldn't hold. They would look fantastic when first printed on the skin, but when I put the leather in an ageing machine the pattern faded too quickly," Caroline explains. "But we got there in the end. We are so proud of what 'Palms' became, and we hope you love and enjoy them as much as we do!"


The resulting capsule range incorporates footwear in 3 styles just in time for summer.



Thank you

Both Caroline and Megan are excited that their collaboration 'Palms’ limited edition styles will help us raise funds for Brainchild Foundation.
If you purchased a 'Palms' FRANKiE4, thank you, you have assisted us reach our goal of donating 10k by the end of the year.


Megan Grant

Painter, illustrator and maker Megan lives with her two children in Melbourne’s West. With a Bachelor of Fines Arts from RMIT she spends her days painting from her home studio and running her illustration practice.


Megan’s artworks are heavily inspired by the rich colour pallets found in her everyday life. Striking textural layers, thick brush strokes, sweeping colour fields and tiny marks make up her works. Her love of colour, design and composition tie her works together and each new mark made on her canvas is informed by another.


Her paintings hang in private homes and commercial buildings Australia wide and her illustrations, murals and designs have featured in many creative commissions, local government campaigns, and commercial shop fit outs. FRANKiE4 is proud to join the ranks with “Palms” featured on three of our much loved styles!