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podiatrist and physiotherapist designed  



7 REASONS FRANKiE4 will have your patients smiling with you!

It’s the moment during a patient's consultation that you dread the most… The time has come for you to recommend ‘comfort’ footwear to your client. The options you have to offer her are unsightly and outdated, and that’s on a GOOD day. She’s refusing to wear them at home, let alone in public. Sound all too familiar? FRANKiE4 has you covered.


Functional Footbeds


FRANKiE4 gets what you need: All you’re asking for is a functional footwear range to assist your treatment AND meet the expectations of your discerning patient, right? Well, consider it done! Designed by one of your own, a fellow health professional, FRANKiE4 shoes have a Functional Footbed that helps facilitate improved foot and leg function.

functional footbed



If you’ve suggested orthotics for your patient, fear not! Certain FRANKiE4 styles are highly adjustable enabling a range of different shaped custom orthotics to be accommodated. Other styles that are not adjustable are more suitable for orthotics similar to the size of the removable footbed, and for patients that do not require orthotics, the contoured footbed provides superior heel and arch support. It’s a win-win!


Custom Fit


A shoe can have all the bells and whistles, but if it does not ‘fit’, then all comfort and functionality is lost. FRANKiE4’s patented Custom Fit system enables the footwear to better fit patients with differently shaped feet, wide to narrow.

Shape Matters


FRANKiE4’s asymmetrically designed toe box complements the foot’s basic shape and helps promote the natural position and movement of joints.

FRANKiE4 has ticked all the boxes!

Toe Box Shape



One of the reasons we suffer from sore or aching feet is that we simply weren’t designed to walk and stand on hard surfaces like wooden, tiled or cement floors for prolonged periods. The Functional Footbed cushions your feet like nothing else (except maybe grass, soft sand or marshmallows). You’ll feel like you’re walking on a soft surface all day long.





Support Style


Where style meets comfort: Finally, the two are no longer mutually exclusive! Utilising sports shoe features to achieve optimal comfort, joint movement and shock resistance, FRANKiE4 remains elegant, feminine and on-trend, helping your patients get back on their feet in comfort and style


Health Professional Privilege

Designed by one of your own, a health professional, we’ve got a soft spot and a special offer for you! As a valued health professional, we would love for you to feel the FRANKiE4 Difference for yourself. Simply click the sign up button below.

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