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We’re huge fans of physiotherapists, our designer is one! What was it that made you want to be a physiotherapist?

My earliest memories of physiotherapy started when I was a teenager and spent countless hours at ballet classes. Ironically, this is also how I experienced my first episode of foot pain! This truly opened my eyes to what kind of impact a physiotherapist can have, and I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life.

What is your favourite part of being a physiotherapist?

I truly love the satisfaction of working with people to get them one step closer to their goal, whether that may be as simple as to enjoy normal life without pain, or setting out to accomplish a great sporting achievement. Part of my role as a physio is also instructing Clinical Pilates classes. Nothing makes me happier than to see my patients transition from being on the plinth, to being proactive about their health and wellbeing & taking control of their lives.

What are the most common foot problems you see in your female patients?

Undoubtedly the most common problem I see as a physiotherapist is Plantar Fasciitis, but I also see a great number of biomechanical issues such as Achilles Tendinopathy and Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (shin splints). Most of the time, these can be settled so nicely with a good combo of physiotherapy and podiatry intervention, however, it never ceases to surprise me how long people can deal with symptoms before finally deciding to do something about it!

What features of FRANKiE4 do you think could benefit your female patients?

There are so many features of the FRANKiE4 design that I love. I have many patients who already wear custom orthotics and require a good supportive shoe that a) actually fits their orthotic and b) looks super stylish! I also have a number of patients who require good supportive shoes but don’t necessarily need a full custom orthotic, so FRANKiE4’s functional footbeds and customisable fit help to bridge that gap.
For such a long time there was nothing available on the market that met these criteria. Finally, we can get the best of both worlds – supreme comfort in a designer shoe!

How did you like your FRANKiE4s?

I absolutely loved them! I have been a true FRANKiE4 fan starting way back when they were first released, but I must say my new JENNis are my favourite thus far. I love the metallic gold leather, it’s very on-trend. However, what impresses me most, is that despite wearing my shoes to work for over 12 hours a day, when I come home I don’t find myself wanting to kick them off! I have even converted all the girls at work to wearing FRANKiE4’s and many patients too!

In three words describe what FRANKiE4 means to you? 

Fashion-Forward, Functional, a “Must-Have”..




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