Health Professional - Katie Middleton


Health Professional - Katie Middleton


Katie Middleton



We’re huge fans of podiatrists, our designer is one! What was it that made you want to be a podiatrist?

15 years of ballet dancing almost ruined my feet. I was constantly at the Podiatrist myself and was always fascinated with the treatments I received. I was about 16 when I decided I wanted to help people with foot pain, as I knew myself how awful sore feet could be.

What is your favourite part of being a podiatrist?

I love interacting with all my patients from very young to very elderly. Every day I see something different. It is very satisfying when someone walks out the door smiling and appreciative of the help you have given them.

What are the most common foot problems you see in your female patients?

Usually footwear related conditions (corns, ingrowing nails, forefoot injury, Plantar Fasciitis etc). And A LOT of hormonal related problems with ante and post natal pregnancy as well as menopause.

What features of FRANKiE4 do you think could benefit your female patients?

There is no denying it, us females really do care about what the shoes look like on our feet. I am constantly battling to get my ladies into better shoes. The external appearance of footwear is always the first thing patients will respond to. FRANKiE4 has worked on providing fashionable footwear for a younger audience. No longer are we trying to put our 20-40(+) year olds into “Grandmas shoes”. The footbed is comfortable, and I like the adjustable forefoot to the sandals.

How did you like your FRANKiE4s?

Being pregnant and experiencing the foot changes myself, my “ELLiEs” have been fantastic. They provide all day support to allow my feet to not get tired, they don’t rub and i'm not constantly thinking about my feet. They are also very easy to put on and take off which I think we all take for granted. Also, the custom fit insoles work well when you are having a swollen foot day! I love them.

In three words describe what FRANKiE4 means to you? 

Fashion, support, ease.




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