Customer Reviews



I love you shoes!! I've been a midwife for 14 years and have tried a lot of different shoes, but since having my FRANKiE4's, she has stopped my knees and lower back from aching and has reduced the varicose veins in my legs!! Then last year I broke my foot, took the full sole out and the half in and was still able to work! Since then I have bought a further 3 pairs as they are the only shoes that support my healing foot!! Not only are they comfortable but they are super trendy as well! I know would love a pair as well!! 

An amazing shoe for those of us stuck in enclosed shoes because they are the only ones our orthotics fit into. An amazing option for those of us who would absolutely love to be able to wear a nice outfit to dinner but can't because if we aren't in our orthotics our knees and hips start aching in the hour and what outfit goes with joggers? Perfect shoe for young people who are told they have to wear orthotics for the rest of their life but don't want to be in the grandma sandals yet. Awesome options for those of us that want to be able to wear sandals to the beach or pool so we don't have to put our joggers continually on and off again.


As a Teacher Aide, (not a teacher) we are on our feet just as much each and everyday. I couldn't wear anything else! My FRANKiE's get me through the day each and every day and into the evening if need be. Stylish, comfortable and on point.. I stick to what I love <3


I just love, love, love my FRANKiE4 footwear. Perfect for every occasion. My friend Nicky Thomas and I looked fabulous in our FRANKiE4 shoes at Disneyland, Universal Studios and Las Vegas last year. We had to take pictures of them everywhere we went. We were very stylish and comfortable all day long. FRANKiE4's are a girls best friend. 


I'm a primary teacher, and are always on the go in and out of the classroom. For years I had tried every brand of shoe and type with no luck and definitely no style. But last year FRANKiE's have truely saved my soul! I feel like I can wear cool outfits again as I have shoes that match for every occasion. My knees don't ache anymore. I love my 4 pairs and can't wait for the next range to be released. 


I love that my FRANKiE4 shoes are so reliable! Reliable comfortable. Reliably stylish. SO reliable that I can wear them all day and forget about them on my feet until I catch a glimpse of them and then I go Yeah! Great shoes!
Heather Malcolm


I love my FRANKiE4 shoes, especially my work ones. As a nurse I need comfortable and supportive shoes but I want ones that look good to. My FRANKiE4's look modern and fashionable and I need more so I can wear them everyday of the week!!
Miriam Thomas


FRANKiE4 footwear are heaven to me
Ranges and colours for all to see
A style to wear for any occasion
Number #1 in shoe satisfaction
Kick up those heels and enjoy the day
I know that FRANKiE4 is the only way
Excellent service and care to
4 you will love FRANKiE as much as I do
Sammy Minshull


I love my FRANKiE's so much because as a working mama I find myself running everywhere! Being able to hot foot it in FRANKiE's boots without breaking my ankle has been the best! Plus they wear so well! I haven't taken my faves off in nearly a year and they still look brand new!
Nicky O'Brien


I absolutely love my FRANKiE4 shoes. I'm a hairdresser... I'm on my feet all day and need arch support or my feet ache. They are "Sexy and Sassy" not granny shoes, that's why I love them.
Michele O Flanagan


I love that FRANKiE4 footwear is so good for my feet but are gorgeous and fashionable and not old nana shoes! I'm too young to wear nana shoes, but wise enough to know to be good to my feet, FRANKiE4 you are a sensible yet fashionable girls best friend. 
Shannon Rellik


I've always had to wear orthotics and hated it for my eitre childhood. Having to wear 'daggy' shoes just to look after my feet was pretty horrible! Then along came your wonderful shoes and I'm in heaven! I wear my ELLiE's or MARGiE's every single day :)
Molly Louise

I have spent my whole adult life searching for the perfect shoe.. and now I've found you FRANKiE4! Uber stylish and soooo comfy.


These are the shoes of my dreams after breaking my foot in a crappy cheap pair of shoes. Safe, stylish and comfortable. Our feet will carry us through our waking life, we must take care of them!


So so easy to comment on FRANKiE4. I wear them every day at work, nothing else compares when you are on your feet all day. They are simply the best shoes....ever.


I love my FRANKiE4's for so many reasons, but these are my top 3:
1. Not only can I actually get my giant size 10, very broad feet inside your shoes, they genuinely look amazing! You make me feel like I'm not a yeti, and I'll forever love you for that.
2. Comfort! My NiKKi heels are seriously as comfortable as my Birkenstocks. I've never been able to get my feet inside heels, let alone walk in them!
3. Oh so stylish! Thanks for creating such amazing looking shoes, and gifting me the knowledge that I'll never have to resort to buying homy peds.


What's not to love? They are stylish, Australian, the most comfortable shoes on the market by far, the best customer service AND easy and quick to buy over the internet... No more spending hours wandering around shoe stores! Also I have no worries that the shoes won't fit when they arrive... They always are a perfect fit and so comfy I've thrown away my other shoes. FRANKiE is all I need.


Your shoes changed my life, no understatement! Going from chronic Plantar Fasciitis to living daily with heels comforted by your incredible, functional yet stylish shoes have enabled me to continue my passion in teaching. FRANKiE shoes has allowed me to walk with confidence, inspiring and teaching kiddies while knowing I am caring for my feet everyday! Your shoes are distinct - a beautiful combination of fashion and health - conscious living!


I love that you make comfy shoes for people with big feet! Shoes in my size are hard to come by and when I do find time, they're only cheapies that feel like I'm walking on concrete! My feet love FRANKiE's, especially because I'm a teacher who's on her feet all day!


These are the only shoes I can wear out now as they give me "staying power". I can stand and walk for ages without the aching feet and sore lower back due to the built in support. Amazing! I love FRANKiEs!


I not only love that FRANKiE4 hoes are supportive and great for my poster and feet but they are comfy and look great! They have changed the way I look at shoes now and rave about them to anyone that will listen ;)


Comfort and style will always make a women smile when it comes to shoes! FRANKiE4 ticks all the boxes! 


I broke my foot when my first baby was little and as a self confessed shoeaholic I was devastated by the future shoe options available to me - for work and play. FRANKiE4 shoes allow me to look after my foot (and the 4 screws in it) but still look stylish, professional and fun. No nanna shoes for me. 


I now have two pairs of FRANKiE's and they have saved my tired and sore mummy feet! Chasing after a toddler has never been more comfortable!


Okay I'll be FRANK-ly honest, I truly put fashion over function when it comes to footwear, and suffered like crazy after a 12 hour shift! FRANKiE4 you have truly nailed fashion and function in one epic looking shoe!


I always thought orthopaedic shoes were ugly so I steered clear of them and just suffered in silence when my capsulitis flared up... When I found FRANKiE4 through NiKKi at Styling you, I couldn't believe ortho shoes could look so good... little did I realize they were so blissful to wear until I bought my first pair and took it for a test run... ahhhh, it was like heaven in a shoe! I now wear FRANKiE4 everyday and my capsulitis has not flared in nearly 12 months since I started wearing these awesome shoes! My feet are now thanking me as they are now well looked after and they look good in the shoes too! 


Some people may not realise that it starts from the ground up! Healthy feet means healthy spine, healthy posture and happy life. We spend so much time on our feet, why not invest in comfortable, stylish footwear that will improve our wuality of life? I have donated so many of my shoes after owning my FRANKiE4's, fed up with lower back ache, sore aching feet, feeling the need to kick my legs up after a long day's work - from ill fitting shoes that just look good, that's it!! I experience none of that since owning my FRANKiE4's! Absolute comfort, arch support, designed by professionals that know how important it is to maintain a happy, active lifestyle and for us ladies, they look really good! I can go all day at work with out any discomfort! Once I purchased my FRANKiE4's, I have never looked back. 


I love my FRANKiE4's as they allow my runners feet to still stay comfy and supported when I'm not running. Keeps my foot injuries at bay and enables me to keep doing what I love...Running!


I love that I wear my FRANKiE's pain and blister free from day one... They're the shoe that loves me back as much as I love them! <3


I have spent my whole adult life searching for the perfect shoe..and now I've found you FRANKiE4! Uber stylish and sooo comfy 


I love that FRANKiE shoes are designed by Podiatrist just like us :) #lovefrankie4


These shoes are insanely comfortable. I am recovering from a spinal cord injuryy and my feet fatigue very quickly, but the ELLiE's have helped me get through 12 hour shifts at work where I spend 80% of my time standing, crouching or walking. I own them in red and I'm constantly getting compliments. I have broad feet and this is the first pair of casual sneakers that don't squish my toes or feel too tight around my arch.


Just got my first pair of FRANKiE4s in the mail this week, love love them. I'm sure I'll be buying more styles soon, my feet love them <3


I'm dying for a pair of FRANKiE4 shoes. I was speaking to friends only last night about how sore my feet are ALL the time and they raved about these!


You guys are doing some great work I love your shoes, I'm on my seventh pair. Don't tell me husband though.
Christina Cook


I just wanted to say, as a professional wedding photographer, I am absolutely over the moon with my new sandals. They are so comfortable, admittedly I have only worn them around the house today, but they feel fantastic under my arch, heel and toes.
Sarah G


I just bought my first pair of FRANKiE4s recently, and I feel like I'm walking on clouds while they are supporting my feet. I looking forward to your boots range for winter! I would loooove another pair.

Just wanted to let you know that I have tried wearing in my new beige ELLiEs before we went overseas. They dont need wearing in- absolute comfort and no sore heels or anything. They will be perfect for a holiday where we're walking a lot. Also wanted to say that the customer service is THE BEST IVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. Thanks for everything.  
Dianne M

Hi, I just wanted ot thank you for making a non granny, beautiful, comfortable shoe. I have been searching for years for summer sandals that don't make my feet ache, pain and throb and then I found FRANKiE4. I could kiss you! I have been having a terrible time with arch pain and plantar fasciitis and I was desperate. I walked into a shoe shop and was taken to the "comfortable" section and I spoted your CHLOE wedge. I tried it on and I thought I had gone to heaven! AMAZING, the best shoes ever made and I am pain free and in love! I created an instagram account because I had to follow you and I love your models dresses on there too. Classy and stylish, well done. Please keep up the great work.
Nicole F

After years of pretty daggy orthopaedic shoes, it was the best find I made 12 months ago when I discovered FRANKiE4. As someone who works on their feet a minimum of 9-10 hours a day, then keeps standing up as a musician many nights, it was a dream to find a stylish and comfortable shoe that I can wear my orthotics in. Plus they're a local Brisbane company, designed by a podiatrist for maximum foot love! I never though I could stand in a boot for a whole day at work, but they're a dream; the only problem I have is I want to wear them on my days off too. I need more!!


Have worn my ELLiEs in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Antarctica and throughout Australia. They keep me going over Cuban cobblestones and on slippery decks between icebergs. I never leave home on an adventure without them!


I'm forming a FRANKiE4 fetish! I've bought 4 pairs since April!! Love love love them. Thank you Caroline for providing a shoe for PF etc which looks and feels great :)
Marie B


I have some canvas laceups and black flat boots. I absolutely love love love them. They have ruined my enjoyment of shopping for shoes as none are nearly a comfy as these. I would just love a nice pair of sandels now and my wardrobe is complete :D
Mandy E 

I love love love my FRANKiE4s that I have for work. I can be on my feet all day and not have tired sore feet and legs. I love feelingl this great every day and looking super stylish as well.


With three babies under five my FRANKiE4s are my other babies! I can't go anywhere without them on my feet! They make me feel like super (mum) woman and make me run super fast after my cheeky 2 & 5 year old while pushing my 7 month along. They are so comfy, I wish I never had to take them off my feet. I live in them. My FRANKiE4s and I go out more than me and my hubby!


My FRANKiE4s are a serious life-saver. I am a prep teacher, with bad feet/knees who is ridiculously hard on shoes. I've never been able to find comfortable, stylish shoes that I didn't destroy - until I found FRANKiE4. I love popping on a pair of FRANKiE4s and knowing that the day will be just a little bit easier! I recommend them to all of my teaching friends as they really do make a difference! Would love to add another pair to my collection!


I own 2 pairs of FRANKiE4s (summer sandals and silver casual). Love them both as they are stylish, comfortable and practical. My pregnant feet would love another pair.

I love mine/mum's because they're the only pair of mum's shoes I'd want to borrow!

Bought my first pair of FRANKiE4s last week. Not sure I can go back to any of my other (many) shoes. Can't wait to get my next pair!


On a trip to Brisbane in early December, I popped into a store to "try them out"... I ended up walking out with two pairs. I feel like Cinderella, they were the perfect fit. I haven't worn any other shoes since! They are as stylish as they are comfortable. Definitely in love with them!
Ruth HB


I had been looking for the perfect shoes for years and found your amazing soles three years ago! They take me everywhere I want to go! From dress up to dress down, in style and wonderful comfort! At the end of the day I feel as fresh as the morning wearing my FRANKiE4s. My sister misheard me one day talking about them and thought I said my "Cranky Paws" which is definitely what I would have if I didn't discover FRANKiE4! Thank you, I'm your best advert yet!
Mandy Edwards


I am in LOVE with my FRANKiE4 shoes... I have saved myself so many massive debilitating migraines by investing in the FRANKiE4 experience. I have purchased FRANKiE4 shoes in-store, from Darwin Podiatry and online. All three experiences were exceptional... My collection is now up to... EIGHT pairs. As a graduate teacher I appreciate the support, comfort and awesome style that all FRANKiE4 shoes have to offer.
Jo Jo Simone


FRANKiE4 are a life saver, those of us with problem feet know the relief to have such comfort. Look at the stylish range, and anyone would be dressed to the nines with a pair FRANKiE4s.
Rosemary Skinner


FRANKiE4 saved my soles. No more back pain, knee pain or callouses!
Kate Gordon


FRANKIE4 footwear you saved my sole (soul) three years ago, nothing else will do now.
Regina Steel


Perfect need for my tired aching legs and feet very stylish as well, thank you.
Sue Gregan


My FRANKiE4s are the best as I'm a preschool teacher on my feet all day <3
Alexandra Ktoris


I have one pair of FRANKiE4 sandals and I love how fashionable they are as well as supportive of my feet. Comfortable and groovy.
Ann Brook


Wearing my FRANKiE4s is like visiting heaven for happy, cloud-filled interludes.
Emma De Vos


Four pairs and counting, FRANKiE4. True convert for the "sweet spot" as a nurse they are my life saver. Getting all my friends on board <3
Karen Gates


I love my FRANKiE4s. Sandals, boots and shoes make my feet feel loved and comfortable!
Edwina Dowling Bryans


These are the ONLY shoes I have ever owned that I can wear all day and not have back pain etc. I love them. If I wear other shoes I definitely notice the difference.
Carol Meehan


I've just bought my first pair of FRANKiE4s and they are my first ever pair of well-fitting sandals! Would love an enclosed pair now, but I haven't been able to decide!
Jess Roberts


I have worn both pairs of FRANKiE4s for nearly two years now and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I ALWAYS get comments when I am wearing them.
Lorraine Stevens


I love my FRANKiE4s because they look good, they're comfortable and good for your feet.
Sandy Willick


I'm a diabetic with size 12-13 feet. FRANKIE4s have saved me from having to wear men's joggers to work.
Maree Conaghan


I cannot accurately describe my love for FRANKiE4. I am a prep teacher and have always struggled to find the balance between comfortable and trendy. I love that FRANKiE4 has helped me find that balance and I don't have to sacrifice one or the other. I currently have three pairs (thanks to a recent birthday) and am already eyeing off a few more! Everyone should own a pair of FRANKiE4s!
Alexandra Jane


FRANKiE4 are the only shoes I can come home from working 10 hours, and not have to rip off my feet ASAP! I am in love with FRANKiE4s and think people around me are probably sick of hearing me rave about them!
Brooke Dole


I LOVE my FRANKiE4 footwear so so much that I wear them every day. My feet appreciate them so so much that they don't hurt anymore. My feet are happy which makes me happy which makes the people around me happy because I am not making sounds of pain anymore. <3
Julie Rielly


I adore my FRANKiE4s because they make my feet feel whole and are great for my soles, never before have any shoes been so good that are made of leather!
Mary Cole


I love my FRANKiE4s because while they do all the practical stuff like support me, they are also super cute! I have a pair of ankle boots and red flats, and am now eyeing off some strappy sandals! Plus it's a local company! What's not to love?!
Claire Smart


I have had a great experience with my FRANKiE4s but have not yet tried the summer range! Being a teacher who's on my feet all day, my soles certainly could do with a slice of heaven on them!
Lucy Ritchie


I have so many shoes in my wardrobe - they looked so pretty but they hurt my feet. I love that my FRANKiE4s look pretty but make my feet pretty happy too!
Rochelle Collard


I have two pairs of FRANKiE4s which I love. As a podiatrist it's great having sensible & stylish shoes to recommend to patients! I can't wait to see the winter collection.
Kylie Kennedy


Love to own some more FRANKiE4s! These shoes have saved me from having to have foot surgery! I chipped my navicular bone and had associated ligament problems... I was advised to have surgery but have since changed to wearing good, supportive shoes - particularly FRANKiE4s - and other than a bit of pain every now and then - my feet are SO much better!
Anna Kerwick


The first pair I tried on had me hooked. I have all my friends hooked now too. My friend saw my shoes, tried them on - yes she has the same size feet and I had a struggle to get them back. FRANKiE4s are so comfortable, I can walk all day without foot, back or leg ache. They are comfortable and stylish. Something you don't always see together. Just love FRANKiE4!
Judy Fairclough


I love my FRANKiE4s! I can wear them all day long & no blisters or sore back - seriously the best purchase I ever made. I have been wanting to add to my collection to cover all bases :)
Nicola Poole


I LOVE my FRANKiE4 shoes! Because walking in my FRANKiE4s is like walking on clouds. They look amazing, feel amazing and are amazing for my feet, not to mention customisable and orthotics compatible! I work in a large hospital and can't tell you the amount of people here in Melbourne desperate to find your footwear; patients, nurses, doctors, therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists and more. Love your work FRANKIE4 team! <3
Stephanie Mckee


After wearing men's shoes as a kid and hating shoe shopping, I recently discovered FRANKiE4. I've finally found shoes that not only fit, but also work around bunions. They are the loveliest and most comfortable shoes I've ever found.
Kate Cliff


My FRANKiE4s have taken me around the world without a blister and in total comfort. Foot love is a pair of FRANKiE4s, foot bliss is more than one pair!
Mandy Perkins


Having struggled to find stylish shoes that suit my trouble feet I was over the moon when I discovered FRANKiE4. To not have to wear joggers when out & about all day is so wonderful. I wear mine all the time, they are so comfortable & go with pretty much any outfit. Myself & my feet thank you.
Lauren Young

I am on my feet all day as a sales consultant with bad feet and knees and lower back. These shoes have literally saved my job and my sanity.
Pamela Whitehouse


Sometimes you buy a shoe for colour, sometimes the style, sometimes for comfort but when you get them all and then buy your clothes you know you've got it all - that's why I love my FRANKiE4s!
Elizabeth Lukeij


Well I think I'm officially your biggest fan... I'm the proud owner of 9 pairs of FRANKiE4 footwear shoes and if I didn't have a husband... I'd probably own every style and colour available. I've introduced my friends, work colleagues and family to the most comfortable & most importantly stylish shoes they've ever worn and the good news keeps getting passed along to their friends and their friends' friends! I am a Wedding Photographer who spends long periods of time on my feet and I can only manage to get through the day by wearing my FRANKiE4 footwear. They've saved my sole!
Loren Hayne


Love my FRANKiE4s and their sweet spot. Saving my soles, knees and back from hard floor pain at work and we get lots of compliments too!
Janelle Christie


I love my FRANKiE4s! I work in retail and they are comfy, but light and flexible. I have had them for well over a year and they still look (and smell) great! I also have different feet, which are long but thin, so the adjustable inserts are fantastic!
Amy Evers


I love love love my FRANKiE4s for work. Can be on my feet all day and have no painful feet and legs.
Jeanette Walters


I LOVE my FRANKIE4s because they offer comfort, chic style and a classic look all in one shoe, no matter which style you choose. Have two cute black pairs (which have taken me around the world) but I have always longed for a dash of red amongst the practical to brighten my day! Love your daily FB posts... Keep up the fabulous work. 
Denise Browne


As the proud owner of 10 pairs of FRANKiE4s, I love them! I love the styles, colours, designs, comfort and did I say comfort! They are amazing and as a Podiatry student it is important to show patients by example the best shoes available.
Jemma Matthews


I am sooooo in love with FRANKiE4 shoes that I must have more. I have just got home from work after being on my feet all day and my feet are the least tired part thanks to my new MARGiEs. FRANKiE4s are the most comfortable and amazing shoe you will ever wear. I can't wait for the new boots and am trying really hard not to weaken and get JENNi before then. Got to hold on... love them all!
Melissa Eastwood


I love that people compliment my FRANKiE4s because they look cute and funky, but they secretly have my orthotics hidden in them for day 'round comfort! Absolute winners for winter shoes!
April JW


SOPHiE, JULiA, JAMiE and myself would love to have ELLiE join our super girl squad to stamp out uncomfortable shoe days in a single bound and bring smiles to the faces of hard working women all day, every day!
Faye Bibby-Chapman


So worth investing into.
Roxane Mcardle


Hi Team! I just want to say thank you for a such a lovely shoe! I excitedly opened the box this morning and put them straight on and they feel like I am wearing nothing on my feet. Absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely come back for more. Thank you for such a lovely stylish product, my orthotics fit beautifully.


So happy! Three pairs of my favourite shoes!
Katanya Shanzy


I bought three pairs of FRANKiE4 shoes late last year, they have changed my life. Finally a pair of fashionable comfortable shoes. I have started wearing dresses again for the first time in almost ten years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cynthia Heinrich


Love love love my FRANKiE4s.
Stacey Emberson McAuliffe


This will be my third pair of FRANKiE4s in a month! I'm 42 years old with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). In recent weeks I've had an MS relapse and my balance has been all over the shop. Finding nice work shoes that are stable, supportive but still attractive to look at has been a real challenge... but not any more! You have no idea how you have changed my life. My sincerest thanks.


Just bought my first pair of FRANKiE4s and have already convinced a colleague to buy a pair! Love them!
Leonie White


So pleased to see a small selection of FRANKiE4s in our local shoe shop in Bendigo. Have my FRANKiE4s ready for our upcoming trip!
Kerry McGuffie


Would not wear anything else!
Gaylenet Tetzlaff

I have lived in my FRANKiE4 boots all winter! :)
Uma Harold


I have 5 pairs of FRANKiE4s; they are great for my arthritic feet!
Nancy B Paterson


Just to let you know my FRANKiE4s have arrived, they are fantastic, comfortable and very stylish. I can wear them all day and they feel like slippers!


Shoes have arrived, a very quick thank you. I have been wearing them constantly for 2 days, very comfortable accommodating all the lumps and bumps in my feet.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for my beautiful FRANKiE4 shoes. I love them! They are amazingly comfortable, and it is very hard going back to my normal shoes after wearing those.


I love my FRANKiE4s. They have taken my longer than normal feet in comfort while traveling Sweden and Greenland. Keep up the great designs and thanks for the ones I have!
Meron Bower


I am a nurse and have recently bought a pair of FRANKiE4 ELLiEs for work and they are just AMAZING! My shoes average 10-15,000 steps a day on work days, and they are comfortable, supportive and look really cool (and not to mention cover the whole foot and are leather - great for nurses!) They are such an investment and are worth every dollar! :)
Jessica Spencer