This Spring/Summer, we've joined forces with another talented Australian artist to bring you a fun and patterned artist collaboration!

Introducing GEO, featuring a very special design by Victorian artist, Carly Williams!
From the first moment we laid on Carly’s geometric abstract pieces, we just knew we had to work with her.
Carly's textural, earthy and completely unique aesthetic make this year's collaboration an absolute must have for your feet.









With each 'GEO' FRANKiE4 sold, a donation will be made to Brainchild Foundation.
You will be assisting us in reaching our goal of donating 50k by the end of the year. Thank you!



Carly Williams is an abstract artist living in the beautiful Central Victorian town of Daylesford.
Her constantly evolving work reflects her obsession with all things raw, bold and beautiful.
Carly’s paintings have been described as vivid and brash in colour and composition with a strong emphasis on rich texture and moody tones.
She has been quoted as saying her influences lie with the edgy colour palettes of mid century artworks to the contrasting,
tribal - sometimes bohemian - patterns of indigenous textile design from around the globe.


@ carlywilliamsart