Care Instructions


FRANKiE4 Footwear Care

FRANKiE4 prides itself on sourcing a wide variety of high quality leathers from around the globe to ensure that our footwear is stylish, functional and lasts the distance! There are a few simple steps which assist in maintaining upper aesthetics and longevity. 

The amount of shoe care and shoe longevity should be reflective of the amount of wear they receive. If you live in your FRANKiE4's, that's great, and we're sure your soles are being saved, but if this is the case we do recommend buying a couple of pairs so you don’t wear out one pair too quickly. A woman can NEVER have too many shoes!

Smooth Leather & Oily Nubucks

Prior to wear FRANKiE4 recommends waterproofing the footwear with Collonil Classic Waterstop. When waterproofing black shoes we recommend you select the Collonil Classic Waterstop in Black, for all other shoe colours use ‘Neutral” coloured Waterstop. Continued use of waterproofer will maintain the best result.

For the treatment of scuffing and marking in black shoes, again FRANKiE4 recommends Collonil Classic Waterstop in Black. This not only covers scuffs and marks, but is a great colour rejuvenator so can be applied across the whole upper. To remove marks on all other coloured shoes we recommend Collonil Classic Clean & Care Foam with careful following of product instructions.

Patent Leather

Patent leather doesn't require waterproofing, however over time patent leather can dry and crack, to prevent this we recommend Collonil Lack Polish. This polish has been specially formulated to penetrate the surface of patent leathers to preserve the elasticity and prevent cracking. To remove marks we find the use of baby wipes is effective.

Metallic & Foil Leathers (Delicate Material) 

Metallic Leather is a delicate material, it is created through bonding a metallic foil with the underlying leather. 

FRANKiE4  recommends waterproofing with Collonil Vario Spray (designed for metallic leathers). We recommend applying this waterproof spray prior to wear to help avoid water based stains. Frequent treatment is recommended if shoes are worn often. 

We love metallic leathers!  BUT like all metallic finishes, with time and abrasion, some surface finishing may be lost. The simple  fact is metallic leathers are not as durable as others. If the foiling is scratched or scuffed it will expose the leather underneath.  While with most non-metallic smooth leathers these can be covered with a coloured polish there is no process we know of to re-foil shoes.  Unfortunately if the shiny stuff is scuffed's off for good. 

The best maintenance is to be careful when wearing them! 

Footbed Care

The Functional Footbeds are leather lined!  With significant wear they will absorb moisture and may, for some, become smelly. We find baby wipes do the trick to clean and freshen them! We find wiping them down with baby wipes and allow to air in a shady place is very effective. 

Sole Care

Some of our styles have soles made out of Polyurethane.  

The features of this compound enable us to create a dual density sole  that can  be lightweight, offer stability and cushioning.  It's an ideal material to give foot comfort and that is why it is our Podiatrist and Physio Designer's material of choice! 

To have the benefits of a soft and stable material, the material does come with an expiry date. The sole will show the effects of deterioration over time, whether they are worn often or stored in a cupboard. Though Polyurethane wears well, it doesn't like being shut away in a box. It might sound  obvious, but the fact is our shoes are designed to be worn.. So wear them and enjoy!

Cleaning White Coloured Soles

Styles that have a white coloured polyurethane sole can be prone to marking due to the soft porous nature of the compound and the simple fact that, being white, marks will show.
We find a damp Chux Magic Eraser or a normal school eraser does the trick to clean off scuffs on the sole. Alcohol wipes are good for the more stubborn marks on soles. Be mindful not to wipe the leather as it may mark it or remove its colour.

Trims & Embellishments

Certain styles have fragile finishes. Despite the expertise of our craftsmanship, these may come off with wear. Spare trims may be provided, so please get in touch if you have any trouble.  However prevention is best, so please handle any decorative trims with care and love.  


Store shoes in a dry, ventilated place to let the leather breathe. To dry; avoid direct sunlight or direct heat sources.


Here at FRANKiE4,  we do recommend Collonil products. For information and advice on their products please call them on 1300 780 971 (within Australia). 

Remember to always follow the instructions on the product and spot test prior to use.

If you have any other questions regarding the care of your new FRANKiE4's please email us on We're here to help!