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Our designer, Caroline, is a podiatrist and physiotherapist, and she sure knows the benefits of orthotics for troublesome feet! She also knows the troubles of finding stylish footwear that will accommodate orthotics! Cue… FRANKiE4!

From lace-ups to brogues, boots to slip ons, FRANKiE4 Footwear offers a range of footwear that comes with our famous functional footbeds that can be removed to accommodate an orthotic.

Each FRANKiE4 style is made differently, so it is important to carefully check how your orthotic fits when you transfer into a new shoe. Read on and we’ll take you through how you can check that your orthotics are going to work in a pair of FRANKiE4 shoes.

Fitting your orthotic into a FRANKiE4 shoe!

If you’ve got an orthotic that is the same size or slightly smaller than the FRANKiE4 footbed, then good news! Your orthotic will fit in just about any of the FRANKiE4 styles with our removable functional footbeds.

Remove the FRANKiE4 Functional Footbed from the shoe, making sure that the shoe is empty of any inserts or custom fit components.

Pop your orthotic into the shoe. Don’t force it! If you need to force it then that’s an indication right away that the orthotic isn’t going to work in that shoe.

Slide your hand into the front of your shoe and feel the length and width of the orthotic in comparison to the shoe.

If your orthotic fits correctly, it will lie flat on the base of your shoe – it will not tilt up either side of your shoe, or curl up at the end.

If you can feel a bulge, or a space between the side of your orthotic and your shoe, the orthotic doesn’t fit. A poor fitting orthotic may slide around in the shoe or distort the shape of the shoe, not providing you with the support you require.

Once your orthotic is in the shoes have a look around the shoe - they should still look as if it has our functional footbed in them.

Need some assistance?

If you’re not sure we always recommend chatting to your podiatrist. Generally speaking, your podiatrist will be able to modify your orthotics slightly to suit your shoes, if they’re the right shoes for you.

Our customer service team regularly fit orthotics into FRANKiE4s and speak with our resident podiatrists too, so if you have any questions send them an email to or give them a call at 1300 721 898 and they’ll be able to help!

Sound Good?

Meet the styles that love orthotics!


We have a great online return policy so you can try FRANKiE4 with your orthotics knowing that if they aren’t your sole mate you can return them!

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