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We recently took a trip down to Melbourne to visit one of our favourite gals, Megan Grant. Megan designed the stunning pattern on our limited edition PALMS styles. Below, Megan tells us about the inspiration behind her favourite pieces, and gives us her advice for succeeding as a creative lady.

How did you get started in your career as an artist?

I always knew that I wanted to do creative work and studied fine arts at university. But when my two kids came along it put any big plans on hold for a while. I started taking on freelance illustration work and each small job really just led to another. Once the kids started school I threw myself into painting again and started using social media to share my work. I have had a really great response and was lucky enough to soon begin showing work at Fenton and Fenton in Melbourne. I feel very fortunate to have had such a great start and am really excited about moving forward.

Plants appear in many of your paintings and illustrations, where does your love of greenery sprout from?

I love plants! I love to garden, but I also just find a lot of beauty in the shapes and compositions of weeds and overgrown things. For painting purposes, plant life is a perfect subject because there are no rules to its shape or form. Sometimes I really just use this subject matter as building block on which to experiment with colour, contrast, abstraction, line and all of the things things involved in my process.

You have a day off, all to yourself. Ideally, how do you spend it?

Hmm. This never happens! In an ideal world it would probably involve a combination of gardening, going out for coffee, hunting through opp shops for beautiful fabrics and treasures, swimming in the river, pottering around in my studio and not having to make school lunches or cook dinner!

What did you enjoy most about your collaboration with FRANKiE4?

Seeing my work translated onto an entirely new medium and gaining an insight into the ins and outs of an entirely different kind of creative business.

What is your advice for other women out there looking to turn their passion into their career?

That’s a hard one, I’m no expert and I’m learning new things every day. I find one size fits all motivational quotes a bit unsettling and I try to remember that personal circumstance in terms of time, energy, resources and support vary vastly among individuals. But, I’d say don’t compare yourself to others and value yourself and your ideas highly. Keep up your creative work and take it seriously, even if it’s only for yourself for the time being. Time spent developing your skills is never wasted and enthusiasm for your own work is infectious. And when opportunities come up, say yes to as many of them as you can.

Megan’s art can be found online via her website, and Fenton and Fenton.

Follow Megan: @megangrant_artist


A portion of all sales from our limited edition PALMS range is donated to Brainchild Foundation - helping sick children and their families.

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