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We recently launched our very first FRANKiE4 sockette! They have just been restocked and are now also available in black. Not only is our footwear super supportive, but our sockettes are too, in their very own special way! All net proceeds from our sockettes go straight to supporting Brainchild Foundation. They have been developed solely to raise funds for this very important cause, and we have an ambitious goal to raise 10K before 31st of December this year!

Our design is a versatile, comfortable, no-show sockette that can be worn with most of our enclosed styles, including SOPHiE - with no peeking out! Happy days.

Featuring a nifty grip at the heel to prevent them from budging.

What is Brainchild and who do they support?

The Brainchild Foundation was established in 2010 by Medical Professionals and dedicated parents and friends to heighten awareness surrounding the huge burden that brain and spinal cord tumours cause to children and their families. The Foundation will support the children suffering from these conditions and provide help and education where their families need it the most. The research into causes of this terrible illness is paramount to the continuous improvement of the treatments used to fight these tumours, and this is where a solid platform to raise funds is needed.


How can you help?

By purchasing our sockettes and/or donating! Every single contribution helps, and is needed to keep this wonderful organisation going. 


Where will our donations go?

Donations go towards a variety of things, including:

- Funding support services for the children and families affected.

- Improving the treatment and outcomes for children with brain and spinal cord tumours.

- Organising fundraising to raise vital funds to help achieve all of these goals.

- Raising awareness of brain and spinal cord tumours in children and building a community of supporters.

- Promotes ground breaking research into the causes and treatments of these tumours.


Read more about our story with Brainchild Foundation here.

Help us "sockette" to brain tumours!

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