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Walk a mile in FRANKiE4s and you will truly understand the difference.

At FRANKiE4, what we love about shoes is the way they can make women feel. Footwear has so many powers; they affect how the foot moves and how much pressure the body takes with each step.

Founded by Podiatrists and a Physiotherapist, the FRANKiE4 Team builds on its heritage and continues to revolutionise the way footwear is designed. Our label is providing women with a healthier option for on-trend footwear.


Designer Caroline McCulloch


 If your feet are hurting in your shoes you could be doing damage.

It's not something you think about at the time, but that pain in your foot could may affect you now, and further down the track. Your feet under undue pressure, pain, or stress will impact your joints, tendons, muscles... the list goes on. At FRANKiE4, we have found a way to help reduce this, while keeping you looking fabulous.

FRANKiE4 is for the woman who loves gorgeous shoes and cares about their health.




The Sole

The FRANKiE4 Sole

The Sole is the foundation of a shoe!
All FRANKiE4 soles are designed to ... Save your sole!

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Custom Fit


Our Patented Custom Fit

No two feet are the same! Of course they aren’t,
so in most pairs of closed-in FRANKiE4 styles is a
system to get the perfect fit for your foot!

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Functional Footbeds


Functional Footbed

Each one of our shoes features our Functional Footbed! Complete with arch & heel support and stacks of cushioning to make your soles sing!

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Award-Winning Label

FRANKiE4 Footwear has been recognised as winners of prestigious awards in recognition of our products having exceptional quality, fashionable designs, and offering a point of difference from our competitors.

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