About Us

In developing a shoe that meets the needs of today’s savvy consumer, two very unique skill sets have been brought together with Caroline and Alan McCulloch.

Alan has over 20 years experience as a podiatrist, working in his own retail stores and listening to what customers want from footwear. He has worked with elite athletes and extensively studied the biomechanics of the foot and leg. His knowledge of footwear has developed through working in the technical department of a major footwear brand and many hours in footwear factories. He has a passion for footwear and believes in continual improvements as the best approach to footwear design.

Caroline is a podiatrist and physiotherapist - a rare but optimal background for a footwear designer. Her inspiration has come from years of treating patients and fitting footwear of the highest quality, to improve body mechanics and increase comfort... without compromising on a woman’s underlying priority - style.

FRANKiE4 is the culmination of two years of extensive market and product research. The designs have undergone rigorous quality and performance testing, ultimately requiring their own patients’ tick of approval before hitting the shelves. The manufacturing process is closely overseen by Caroline and Alan, who spare no cost in ensuring the final product is of the highest quality in form and function.

All FRANKiE4 prototypes are first trialled internally to ensure the fit and function is right, then handed over to a podiatry patient to wear for at least two days. The FRANKiE4 team chooses to trial their shoes on people who are on their feet all day - after all, they’re developing a product for everyday, all day use.


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